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F1 2018 Puts You Closer to the Track in New Trailer

A new gameplay trailer released for F1 2018, and it’s track-tastic. Featuring exciting music from Brian Tyler, the composer behind Iron Man 3 and Avengers: Age of Ultron, your heart will be pumping like the pistons in your favorite race car. (Seriously. I’m not the world’s biggest racing fan, and I have watched it a few times.)

The cars and tracks are the stars. There are closeup shots of the cars as they wind around a tight curve. There is another shot showing you the hazy heat waves emanating from the track. All of them project the overall feeling of speed with the hope of standing among the winners at the end.

Give it a watch and be sure to buy a new pair of driving gloves for F1 2018 when it tears down the track on August 24th.

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Press Release from Codemasters

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