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F1 2019 Anniversary Edition is Out Now on PS4

Ready to race at insanely high speeds? Then you’re ready for F1 2019 and its various editions. The Legends edition has already been available to those who pre-ordered it since June 25th, but today marks the full release where everybody can play the game, even those who bought the bog standard edition.

To celebrate the release, Codemasters has put out a short but sweet launch trailer to get racing fans hyped up enough to throw their money at the game. And fair enough, as it’s actually really good – and that’s coming from somebody who hasn’t played a Formula 1 game in over a decade.

This year’s F1 release comes with a few new features, such as the Formula 2 2018 feeder series which is how the game’s career mode opens. It’s here you’ll start your journey towards catching them al- er, becoming the best Formula 1 racing driver there ever was. What’s more is that the Formula 2 2019 season will be added to the game as a free content update later on in the year. Nice.

For eSports enthusiasts there is a whole suite of online play to get involved with. Whether you want to compete yourself or follow your mates and/or favourite streamers, F1 2019 gives you the options to do just about everything you could wish for in that respect.

Our review is still being worked on by myself. If you want to read the impressions from a man who knows next to nothing about Formula 1 racing, stick around and check back over the weekend. It might seem counter-intuitive to have me do the review, but if you’re a F1 newbie like me, at least you’ll be able to relate!

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