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F1 2019 Available to Pre-order Now, June 28th Launch

The Formula One season kicked off in Melbourne just a few weeks ago, and we’ve already had drama on the track. But it’s also that time of year when we start to find out about Codesmasters’ latest digital recreation, and right on cue, F1 2019 is making an appearance. Albeit, a very minor pre-order page one.

According to the very short description on Amazon.UK, the game has been nearly two years in the making. This is in doubt due to the change in regulations that the sport has encountered coming into this season, as it attempts to restore a more competitive feel to proceedings; the reliance of the cars on their aerodynamic parts for downforce, namely wings, has negatively impacted their ability to overtake and even follow the car in front.

This has basically resulted in a precession on track that’s staggered apart and reliant on the undercut strategy when it comes to pitstops. And that’s if they don’t get stuck in traffic on their out-lap and struggle with the disrupted airflow again!

That commitment of time should guarantee an accurate representation of the changes, just as we’ve come to expect from the licence holders. But the good news doesn’t stop there. That’s because the game will launch two month earlier than normal on June 28th – sandwiched between the French and Austrian Grand Prixs.

“We are absolutely delighted to be able to release F1® 2019 earlier in the Formula 1® Season, so that the game can be played and enjoyed at the same time that the real-world championship picture is starting to form,” said Paul Jeal, Franchise Director at Codemasters, said.

“Our close relationship with Formula 1® has played a major part in achieving this key objective for the franchise. That in addition to our near two-year development cycle, has allowed us to develop some exciting new features and other firsts for the franchise that we can’t wait to share with our community in the coming months.”

The team are known to keep things close to their chests in the run-up to launch, choosing to instead stagger the release of information. That’s why we don’t know what we’ll be seeing in this year’s release, yet, such as historical events and scenario challenges. But there is one new addition that we’ve been let in on, and it’s quite a fun novelty.

A 2019 regulation car, collaboratively designed by the F1 engineering wizards Pat Symonds and Ross Brawn, will be available in multiplayer mode. And will be customisable thanks to a selection of liveries.

“The exciting collaboration with Ross Brawn and Pat Symonds has created new levels of player personalisation in F1® 2019 through the inclusion of the new regulation car,” Lee Mather, 2019 Game Director at Codemasters, added.

“With the continued growth of the F1® series, it’s great to give players more control and new levels of car and driver customisation and we can’t wait to talk more about this alongside the new multiplayer features in the coming months.”

The rest, they say, is the future. But by the sounds of it, there’s a lot more to come!

I’ve previously written about what I’d like to see in the series, but what would you like F1 2019 to include? Make sure your comment hits the apex below. 

Source: Codesmasters Blog

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