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F1 2019 Leaves Fans Questioning Reality

F1 2019 is causing quite a stir among fans. But perhaps not in the way that Codemasters would have liked. In fact, a lot of the attention is aimed at the action off track, on that pesky laptop screen.

You see, during the course of the season – and throughout your career – drivers will make transfers between teams. Usually in pursuit of more vehicular potential, or greater financial reward. But in the game, these movements occur far more frequently. And with far less logic.

Imagine this: you’re Sebastian Vettel – Ferrari’s number one driver and current leader of the World Championship. Surely, you’d just sit tight and watch that big shiny trophy come your way and not in the direction of Mercedes for a change? WRONG. You make a mid-season transfer to Williams, because…red isn’t your colour? I really don’t know.

Or, your Charles LeClerc – Ferrari’s other driver, who’s more than capable of going wheel to wheel with Vettel and has shown glimpses of being a champion of the future; some say Ferrari’s next chance at the silverware. However, your seat suddenly becomes unsafe and you’re replaced by…Lance Stroll.

Hard to comprehend, no? Well, according to the logic of F1 2019, these are perfectly feasible results. And who are we to argue with perfectly reasonable?

Here’s to George Russell taking the British Grand Prix by 30 seconds, next weekend. And, before I get any schtick, I’m a Williams supporter who would love to see nothing better than a return to form. 

Source: Reddit

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