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F1 2019 Liveries Are Now Up to Date Thanks to Patch 1.08

Formula One cars enjoy a lot of changes over the season. Some are for cosmetic reasons – think sponsor stickers or driver numbers – whilst others are for performance gains. But both of these combine to give Codemasters quite the challenge as they attempt to keep F1 2019 looking life-like. Luckily, patch 1.08 does just that.

It’s quite a tricky game to develop if you think about it. Ignore the physics and technical stuff for a second, and imagine trying to have a game looking realistic on launch day when most of the assets are finalised weeks – if not months – before. You’d agree, it’s largely impossible. Especially when Formula One cars get a lot of carbon fibre accessories put on and removed as test data is analysed.

But for reasons few can understand, it is a challenge the team relish. And today’s update is just one example of them keeping up with the Joneses.

Within the update, you’ll find Ferrari’s much revered – and greatly demanded – ’90 Years’ logo, Racing Point’s new nose and McLaren’s updated engine cover. Plus, practically all the other cars are getting a facelift too.

But you want the full patch notes, right?

Well, here they are in their entirety:

Patch Notes

F1 2019 Car model and Livery Updates

  • Various livery and sponsor logos updated
  • Updated Ferrari engine cover and front wing endplate. Updated livery, including the 90 Years logos
  • Updated McLaren engine cover and front wing endplate
  • Updated Racing Point nosecone, mirrors and bargeboard
  • Updated Renault side impact structure vane
  • Updated Alfa Romeo sidepod air intake

Source: Codemasters blog

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