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F1 2020 Doesn’t Understand the Rules of the Road

The F1 series has a lot of potential, especially to us armchair racers. But the game always seems to suffer from some embarrassing bugs. And F1 2020 is, sadly, no exception. From headless podium celebrations and floating eyeballs to constant software crashes and super fast lap times, this year’s iteration seems to have them all. But the biggest bug is the one that ruins the game the most. Yet, is something that should have been simplest to implement because it’s one of the sport’s rules.

You see, in Formula One, you are required to use at least two different tyre compounds during a race – let’s say soft and hard. But the game is disqualifying drivers who choose to use a medium instead, something which is allowed in real life (if that is one of that weekend’s options – there are five in total). After much debate online, it seems the game is giving you the option of the two in the pre-race preparations (where you plan your pitting strategy) but is actually working to the logic that they are both, in fact, mandatory. So, it’s giving you the choice and then taking it away without telling you.

As a result, drivers are getting to the last lap of the race – having pitted at least once and used both chosen compounds – and are being disqualified by race control. The reason? For not using the correct number of tyre compounds! Even those who answer their engineer’s plea to pit then and there to switch rubber are being thrown out of the classification. So, there’s no way around the bug once it strikes.

That means up to around 2 hours of racing is being wasted each time it happens, forcing many to boycott the MyTeam mode (at least) until a fix is provided. But for now you can try to edit the selection in the pre-race stage, then revert those changes, pick one as prompted and then start the race. It seems to work, though I can’t say it does 100% of the time. For a permanent solution, we have to wait for Codemasters to provide a patch.

Source: Official Codemasters forum / Reddit F1 Game

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