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F1 2020 Free Trial Now Available on PS4, Xbox One

F1 fans are getting a treat today as Codemasters has released a free trial version of F1 2020 on PS4 and Xbox One, which is, of course, playable on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

The free trial doesn’t seem to be a one-off weekend event, but instead an always-there trial. A demo, then.

The demo will let players take on the MyTeam mode, as well as delivering a taste of single-player and multiplayer racing; you can even try out the return of split-screen if you have a player two handy and ready to play.

I reviewed F1 2020 earlier this year and I was very impressed. You can check out my review here or in the video below. Bear in mind that F1 2020 is also a part of PlayStation Now, so if you do fancy this trial and end up falling madly in love with the game, you can keep on playing with PS Now without having to pay full whack for the game.

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