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F2 Cars Receive a New Lick of Paint in F1 2019

F2 update

The latest patch for F1 2019 brings with it one of the most anticipated updates in gaming – that being this year’s Formula 2 cars. And you don’t have to go looking far for them; they’re right there in the category menu, next to classic and under F2 2018. Conversely, the feature is called F2 2019.

Do remember, however, that this update only adds the latest paint schemes to the preexisting frameworks. That’s because Codemasters never had the intention of recreating this year’s mechanical bits. Instead, they are simply updating the graphics to match those out on track in 2019, which may differ in not only colour but also in sponsor names and logos.

The update brings the game up to version 1.12. But this is actually a double patch, as the studio has bundled it together with patch 1.11. And together they bring an array of changes to the grid – spanning both Formulas.

These include the Monza livery sported by McLaren, “texture fixes” for them and Ferrari, and a slowing down of the AI in rainy sessions. The Fanatec DD1 wheel base is now recognised by the software, whilst a post-Q3 crash for league racing is also rectified.

The rest are stability fixes, to make your drive a little smoother.

Is the F2 mode something that you’d like to see repeated in future editions of the game? Or is working your way into the F1 2019 pits driving you round the bend? Leave us a comment for your team principal in the pit box below. 

Source: Codemasters blog

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