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Face Loneliness in Sea of Solitude on July 5th

Despite the AAA hoopla during EA’s 2018 E3 press conference last year, Sea of Solitude was the game that left an impression on me. A July 5th launch date has been announced today, so we can set sail on an emotional adventure with a young girl named Kay. She is filled with loneliness. That inner unhappiness has caused her to change outwardly into something very scary.

Her emotional journey is your mission. She will need to explore a watery town, meet strange creatures, and solve puzzles to help her with her bad memories. The world reacts to her feelings by lower or raising the water level and having different weather.

Those emotions, particularly loneliness, are really at the narrative heart of Sea of Solitude. That idea for the game and the focus was born from a darker period in the writer’s life. Jo-Mei Games CEO Cornelia Geppert describes writing and making Sea of Solitude as a personal one.

Sea of Solitude centers on the essence of loneliness and tugs on the heartstrings of its players by mirroring their own reality. It’s by far the most artistic and personal project I’ve ever created, written during a very emotional time in my life. Designing characters based on emotions was a deeply personal achievement for our team and we’re so excited for players to soon experience Kay’s powerful story of self-discovery and healing.”

Sea of Solitude is coming from the same EA Originals studio that gave us Unravel and Fe. If you are looking to take a trip into overcoming loneliness, it will be available on July 5th for $19.99 / £17.99.

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