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Fairy Tail DLC Characters Available for $20 Each

Fairy Tail is a great game (review) that’s packed with content, and you can add four new characters today. The catch is that they are $19.99 for a single new character. Each character comes with a character story that, once completed, allows you to add them to your team and extra costumes. The four new characters are Lyon Vastia, Levy McGarden, Elfman Strauss, and Lisanna Strauss. Only Levy and Lyon are available for now. Lisanna and Elfman release on September 3rd.

You can grab all the characters, a new dungeon, new requests, and growth lacrima by buying the season pass for $59.99. That’s not cheap either, so you’ll have to decide where to spend your dollars. If you’ve been waiting for Lyon and Levy, today’s your lucky day, but you may have to wait until payday to be able to afford it.

Check out the trailer for a look at the new characters.

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