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Fairy Tail Gameplay Shows Combat and Crocus

A new meaty gameplay trailer shows almost 25 minutes from the upcoming game Fairy Tail, and, even though I’m only working my way through the manga currently, it seems to capture the world and guilds very well. Your favorite guild arrives at Fiore’s capital city, Crocus, to compete against other guilds for the mysterious Magic Games. You can freely roam through a part of the city, and you’ll given a base of operations. It has to be a little bit into the game, because the characters are level 20 in combat.

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Combat is turn-based. Each of your characters has a menu of moves with certain costs and damage amounts with other effects. The attack will impact one or more of the boxes in a battlefield grid, and you can see which enemies will feel your wrath before finalizing your decision. The trailer shows Erza’s different armors, Gray’s ice, and Natsu’s fire. Lucy’s animation shows her holding a key to summon a celestial spirit. The way they’ve included everyone’s special magic looks great.

Outside combat you’ll have character interactions. These move the story along, and give everyone a chance to shine. In this chunk of gameplay, we see a good handful of people. If you want to see if one of your favorites made the cut, the full list of characters can be found on the game’s official site.

With Fairy Tail’s release being pushed to July 30th, you may be hungry for more info. Today’s trailer goes a long way toward giving players a feel for the world and gameplay. Give it a watch to see if you’ll need to book a trip to Fiore soon.

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