Fairy Tail Will Feature New Stories and Opportunities to Get to Know Your Favorite Characters

The latest Fairy Tail trailer focuses on the characters, and there is nary a Natsu to be found. Well, he pops up for a second, but it’s good to see the game show the depth of characters we’ll encounter. There will be original stories and events created for the game that allows you to build your relationships with other characters. These will unlock new skills, and the trailer shows a possible ten levels around the one minute and ten second mark.

The rest of the trailer lets your mind run wild with the combination of possibilities when you build your ideal team. Will you really pick Gray and Natsu, or will you opt for Juvia and Lucy? Mirajane is not sitting on the sidelines for this game either. Erza requips at least three different outfits. I’m reasonably certain that Laxus is the other character showing off his lightning skills.

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All of that will be available soon. After some delays, Fairy Tail will finally release on July 31st.

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