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Fairy Tail’s Guild Box Edition Contains a Poster with Original Art by Hiro Mashima

Koei Tecmo unveiled the Fairy Tale Guild Box edition of its upcoming game, and it’s going to be quite a treat for fans. A short trailer goes over all the items, but the 3D cards are very cool. The three cards show Natsu, Erza, and Gray using their powers of fire, ice, and armor. It’s a nice effect that wouldn’t come through properly in a screenshot.¬†Outside the cards, there are character stickers and a copy of the game.

The real prizes for any collector are the biggest. There is a special issue of Sorcerer Magazine showing the members of Fairy Tail guild. There is also a poster created with art of some of the guild ladies enjoying a day at the beach. It was designed by Hiro Mashima just for this. It also appears to be made of cloth instead of paper which will make it much more durable and higher quality.

For now, the special edition only seems to be available on Koei Tecmo’s EU store. Commenters on Twitter have asked the EU twitter account if it will be coming to other regions. You can check the post here, but I cannot imagine a company not wanting money from North American fans as well. If they decide to ship worldwide from one site alone, the price is listed at ¬£99.99, so you’ll want to start saving now.You have a little extra time, because the game’s release date was recently moved to July 30th due to current events.

The game will take players through some of the biggest moments of the series, allow you to join your favorite characters and use their unique magics, and adds a little new content into the mix as well. If you’re curious about the world before the game releases, there is an anime series and manga for you to check out.

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