Fall Guys Double Crown Weekend is Now Live

It has been announced on the official Fall Guys Twitter that the game will be having an extravagant Double Crown Weekend. For every crown that is won, an additional shimmering crown will be given. That means you get double the goodies for your efforts this weekend.

Crowns are Fall Guy’s in-game currency and can be exchanged for spoils like sleek new costumes and glitzy skins for your jumping jellybean. The only way to usually earn these glistening crowns is by winning shows or receiving them as a prize for levelling up during the season. This makes these golden gilded crowns ridiculously hard to obtain and the Double Crown Weekend event even more lucrative.

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This announcement comes off the back of Season 3.5 going live earlier this week. The new mid-season update has a new round called ‘Snowball Survival’ added, a roster change to existing rounds and swanky new costumes.

Will you be painting the town gold with Fall Guys Double Crown Weekend?

Source: Twitter

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