Fall Guys Patch 1.05 Adds a New Round

Fall Guys has been a bigger success than anybody could have guessed. Mostly due to its rethinking of how combat and Battle Royale games have to be portrayed. Well, now it’s receiving its first proper update. And that brings with it a whole new round. So, what are you waiting for? Go and download patch 1.05 now!

Jump Showdown will look familiar if you’ve participated in Jump Club. But now, in addition to the sweeping elements that you need to get over, the floor will also fall away – leaving you with a few different things to think about if you are to succeed. The question is, is multi-tasking your thing? Because it certainly isn’t mine!

Elsewhere, the annoying server issues have been addressed meaning you should no longer have a problem connecting to a match. A bug causing a crash at launch is now fixed. And the game’s physics shouldn’t gain a mind of their own at higher frame rates. As for the rest, they sound like your bog standard bug fixes.

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These issues have been more common than the team probably would have liked, especially considering how popular the game has become. But sometimes these things can only be identified by actually pushing the system to its limit. And its PS Plus inclusion would have definitely done that. Still, they’ve reacted quickly and the update is only 260 Mb in size, meaning you will be enjoying a more polished version of Fall Guys in no time at all.

Will it make it into your Top Ten list of the year, though? I think it’s got a pretty good chance!

Source: Twitter hype

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