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Fall Guys Patch 1.07 Changes Everything You Thought You Knew

Just when you thought you knew Fall Guys, Mediatonic go and change things up. That’s because the latest update to drop – 1.07, available right now – messes with the levels you’ve grown to love (and memorise) by changing their familiar mechanics to something far more predictable. So, from today, it’s back to the drawing board with regards to strategy. Or, should that be “iPad” – who has a drawing board these days?

The 860mb patch causes the game’s gates and turntables to disobey their normal routines in the Gate Crash and Fall Ball levels respectively. Don’t ask me why, but probably because they’ve grown to be like a comfy pair of slippers and Mediatonic would rather keep you on your toes. Still, it’s a weird change to make whilst the First Season is yet to end, forcing us all to up our game. But I’m sure it makes sense to someone.

The problem is, these new patterns performed by the game’s assets won’t be a full-time change. So, no one will ever know just what routine will load. That means there isn’t really a way for anyone to get an advantage by knowing what’s coming up, which sounds like another reason to add it in. And that leads me to think they might be fighting back against “cheaters”.

A spinning hammer, called Big Yeetus, is also being added to Fall Guys (just in case the above wasn’t change enough) and the servers are getting yet another facelift. We’ll have to wait and see if the latter makes matchmaking less of a pain in the rear, but the update will definitely make things interesting to say the least…

Source: PlayStation Blog

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