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Fall Guys Season 2 Brings Banners and Nicknames to the Party

Fall Guys has enjoyed a number of updates since its launch. And continues to keep countless gamers entertained. Now we have learned that in addition to the new selection of mini games coming up in Season 2, the next big update will also bring about a change to the level of customisation available, which has been so far absent from the game. That’s because, from then on, players will be able to select a banner and nickname for themselves to be displayed upon their profile.

So, you’d better get thinking about what you want to be called. But if you’re open to suggestions, be careful who you ask!

A summary of the changes has been given over on the official Twitter account, and takes the form of an exploratory video. You can see it for yourself below. But just in case you’re short of time, simply keep an eye out for the ‘Interface’ button in the Customisation menu because that’s where you’ll find these changes. However, it looks as though some of them may be unlocked over time.

In addition to these new features, the development team have decided to become more generous with the distribution of crowns. A change that comes following public feedback. And they will also be bundling in a new range of costumes, just in case your fashionista side hasn’t been satisfied thus far. Special nicknames were also teased, but little was said as to what you needed to do to qualify for one. So, we’ll leave details of that for a different day.

Are you a Fall Guy fanatic? Probably, but let us know either way. We’re nosy, you see…


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