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Fall Guys Season 2 Patch Is Available For Download Right Now

In preparation for Season 2, the next update for Fall Guys is ready to download right now – bringing your game up to version 1.09. However, there are no official patch notes for the 3GB update so I can’t tell you much more at the time being. Or at least nothing concrete. I can say that it is tasked with setting the foundations for the next season of chaotic fun, which will kick off some time after this one is done with us. But with the little extras that have been added so far, I don’t think they’re in much of a hurry to move on.

But there is another way of finding out the gossip – the internet! Who knew?

That’s because a number of players are already publishing the changes that they’re noticing on their social media feeds. And there are a few noticeable additions. For example, the name banners we alluded to in a previous article have now arrived (allowing you to have a greater depth of personalisation across your profile). When waiting for a level to start, you and all your friends will be seen falling on the loading screen. And a new choice of modes has been added – you can either play a mode with all the games available or one that doesn’t offer the team games. The choice really is yours.

The shop has also been restocked with brand new items, meaning you can spoil yourself a little.

If official patch notes are released, we’ll let you know. But in the meantime, why not go and enjoy another round or two of Fall Guys?

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