Fall Guys Season 3.5 Is Now Available; 1.16 Patch Notes Inside

Calling all bouncy jellybeans fans! It’s that time again to venture to the heart of the Blunderdome and welcome a new update with Season 3.5. The new mid-season is bursting with a variety of fresh sweet goodies to enjoy including a new round to compete in called ‘Snowball Survival’, a twist to co-existing rounds and spruced new costumes.

The latest new round to hit the catwalk is the “Snowball Survival”. The little beans are thrown into a frosty fruit bowl where they will need not to break the fragile icy floor tiles beneath their tiny feet and avoid falling into the slim below. However, these springy beans are not the only things that make an appearance in this glazed over crockery. Gigantic snowballs will tumble down into the bowl, making short work of any happy jumping bean in their path. These menacing balls will not think twice about reducing them to a swished slush puppy. Ouch!

Along with the shiny new round, Season 3.5 has also added some spice to the previous round with a range of randomly generated features. This can take the form of many iconic obstacles showing up in unfamiliar and strange places. There are more than 40 of these variations added to the existing rounds. So, there are plenty of them to keep you on your toes. Let the randomness begin!

In the upcoming coming weeks, there will be new shows and costumes to customize your character with. One of the highlights regarding the costumes is the ‘Sugar Plum’ DLC getup. Even though the DLC outfits “Regal Nutcracker’, ‘Rainbow Fairy’ and ‘Ballerina’ are all welcomed editions. The more customizable outfits, the better, right? We’ll list the Fall Guys 1.16 patch notes below so you can see the changes for yourself. Will you be dropping in Fall Guy’s mid-season?

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Fall Guys 1.16 Patch Notes:


  • Fall Feed – Live on-screen updates of events that happen during the round


  • Brand new round added!
  • More than 40 variations added for existing rounds
  • New shows and costumes to go live over the coming weeks
  • Godzilla, Sonic and Goose Game costumes are available in the regular store!

Bug fixes:

  • Eliminated Fall Guys occasionally weren’t shown on the Qualification screen
  • When a player was spectating, the Post Processing effects were turned off on the client resulting in a washed out/faded appearance
  • Addressed performance degradation in certain rounds, especially ones containing egg objects
  • Fixed crashes in the Customiser due to low memory on certain machines
  • Being eliminated from the first round and then spectating resulted in no background audio for some remaining rounds
  • Improved Fall Guys ragdolling excessively when walking on puncher objects
  • [Freezy Peak] The user does not get pushed back by the air current after colliding into the side of a moving fan
  • [Hex-A-Gone] During gameplay, the client seemed to temporarily ‘freeze’ everything before suddenly resuming
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