Fall Guys Season 3 Available Now

I wouldn’t have thought playable little squishy blobs would be part of the recipe for a gaming juggernaut, but Fall Guys is unleashing season 3 today and shows no sign of slowing down. After the medieval theme last time, season 3 is a winter wonderland with seven new rounds to challenge and surprise you. There are new obstacles, and the overall visual theme certainly is snowy and festive.

The Fame Path is extended, and the trailer shows some of the new costumes. You can continue to grab more Crowns and unlock more rewards, including the golden costumes to impress your friends or just make you laugh.

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Check out the trailer for a look at all the fun you’ll be having while you wait for your download to finish. Season 3 is available now, and it freshens up the Fall Guys experience for your holiday season.

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