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Fallen Angels are Friend and Foe in The Lost Child

The Lost Child is an upcoming supernatural, dungeon-crawling RPG. It’s hard not to be excited, so anytime something comes across my desk for it, I like to let you know as well. These don’t come around everyday, so I want to spread the news to other fans.

When I saw a new video hit my feed on YouTube, it was an opportunity for more sharing. This one is all story, and we meet the characters Samael and Mastema. Both of them are fallen angels, and this is their first meeting with the main character and occult journalist, Hayato, and his partner, Lua. She is an angel who supports Hayato in battles.

Mastema, although quick to anger, seems straightforward and honest, but Samael looks like a guy with an agenda. Who knows if he is good, bad, or merely neutral in the fight. As he notes, the other fallen angels are trying to kill Hayato. Good thing Hayato has the Gangour weapon.

The trailer is from the Switch version of the game, but The Lost Child doesn’t seem interested in pushing the most pixels. It will probably be the same across all platforms, so I wouldn’t let that throw you. This should be a good representation of what you can expect from Sony’s console too.

Check out the trailer, and let me know in the comments if you are looking forward to The Lost Child. If you want to be super helpful, let other people know some of your favorite dungeon crawlers.

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