Fallout 4 Mods Releasing This Week

Bethesda confirmed in a tweet that we can expect to be modding on Fallout 4 this week when the 1.8 update hits. This is good news for those of us already expecting to be busy creating our own post-apocalyptic version of The Golden Girls. You have your dreams. We have ours.

If you remember, this was originally promised by Pete Hines, before we received the news that Sony was blocking the mods from going forward. Bethesda later let us know that they and Sony kissed and made up, and we would have the sweet, modding satisfaction with some limitations.

First, we would only be able to use assets already in the game, so we will not have a giant Kool-aid man crashing through buildings. (If that does not yet exist, feel free to give our Frankenstein’s monster life.) We will also be limited to sizes less than one gigabyte, like the mods for Skyrim.


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Even with the limitations placed upon us by our Japanese overlords, we look forward to seeing what the community will create. There are some amazing people who devote a lot of their time and skill to making good games even better. If they are reading this, give us a hint of your next masterpiece in the comments

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