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Fallout 76 Beta Will Be the Full Game With Progress Carrying Over to Launch

Bethesda has answered a few more frequently asked questions about the upcoming Fallout 76 beta, informing fans that it will be anything but a trial.

In fact the beta will be the full game made available pre-launch, with the proviso that testers go in search of those annoying bugs and report them back. In doing so the studio will be able to make the fixes before it goes live for proper, and hopefully delivery a near-perfect experience. Or as near as Bethesda can muster…

Your progress will also carry forward to the main release meaning your effort will not be in vain.

In addition, they also clarified the whole NDA situation, aka, can beta players share screenshots and the likes with the rest of us. And it turns out they can as the official answer reads, “The B.E.T.A. will not be under NDA.  You can post screenshots, stream, make videos, whatever you’d like.” So be sure to keep your eyes peeled for end-of the-world-as-we-know-it selfies.

The Fallout 76 beta starts in October, and the relevant sign-up information can be found over on the official site. Remember, it’s only open to players who’ve made a pre-order of the game. No exceptions will be accepted into the vault.

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