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Fallout 76 Is Free This Weekend on the Playstation 4

It’s a game that could be accused of replicating life to a degree at the moment. But Fallout 76 will be free to survive play this weekend, should you wish to do so. That’s because Bethesda are offering the entire game and its expansion to new explorers for no fee whatsoever. Obviously, they’re hoping you’ll join the wasteland permanently by buying your own copy afterwards. But a free gift is never to be sniffed at, whatever the true motivation behind the generosity.

If you are up to living out a nomadic yet apocalyptic lifestyle, you can take advantage of the offer from 12pm EDT on May 14th until 12pm EDT May 18th. So, that’s a full four days of survival to endure. And I’ll be the first to admit that that’s quite a generous offering – especially as we usually have to wait for Friday to come round before we can start playing such freebies. But is the game even worth your time?

Well, despite its disappointing launch, I’ve been informed that Fallout 76 isn’t too bad nowadays. It has grown to include most of the features gamers have grown to love in the series. And is a welcomed twist on the game, which manages to increase the sense of immersion in the doomsday it portrays by making it more of a group effort. So, if you’re in two minds, I’d encourage you to give it a go – it won’t cost you anything, after all. Well, nothing except a few hours of lockdown.

PipBoy, PipBoy, hooray?

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