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Fallout 76 Map Revealed, Bethesda Weren’t Kidding

Bethesda has previously announced that Fallout 76 is the biggest game they’ve ever made. Now that statement has been backed up by the release of its map. And boy is it vast.

The studio had previously quantified the world as being four times larger than that in Fallout 4 – a blessing and a curse caused by the next instalment’s switch to being an online multiplayer game. But we were left in the dark over how the landmass will take shape. That is, until now.

The newly released map now gives us an idea of where we will be exploring in West Virginia, though we are aware that a top-down view still leaves a lot to the imagination. Nevertheless, it at least gives us a chance of working out our ideal camping ground before the guns come out and things turn ugly.

There are numerous icons scattered around the fallout zone. For example, there’s a Ferris wheel – a post-apocalyptic necessity – and a friendly looking crocodile, who is practically inviting settlers into their zone. There’s also quite a meaty satellite dish due West, which will scratch our Eurosport itch once we’re forced out of the Vault 76.

We’ll see you in the wasteland!

Where will you be resting your head in Fallout 76? Spot your site and send us a message in a Nuka Cola bottle. 

Fallout 76

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