Fallout 76 Teases Something About Fallout

Fallout 76 Teases Something About Fallout

We have no idea what Fallout 76 is, but there is a teaser trailer for it today. Bethesda will show us what this game actually is on June 10th at its E3 presentation. And that’s really all we know for certain.

It’s Fallout, so the speculation is all over the place. Jason Schreier of Kotaku tweeted that he heard it was “an online game of some sort. Developed by BGS in both Maryland and Austin (formerly Battlecry)”. The developers at Obsidian also tweeted that they were not responsible for the game.

Is it an online Fallout from one of single player gaming’s most devoted developers? Is it a mod to Fallout 4 that let’s you play the whole game in co-op? Is it an easy way to lose weight and eat whatever I want? At this point, it could be any of those things, but let’s reign in our expectations just a tad.

For now, check out the trailer, and give me your best guess in the comments.

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