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Fallout 76 Will Have a Bounty System to Deter Griefers

Fans are worried that the online-only style of Fallout 76, which will be populated at all times by other gamers, will result in a killing spree by DS4 assassins. But Bethesda think they have come up with a plan to deter these wannabe Agent 47s and instil a little more confidence in their upcoming release.

Fallout 76 will be the series’ first venture into the online-only style of gaming. But that premise has prompted more negative press than good. This is largely due to the growing trend amongst a small population of players who ignore the greater good and instead entertain themselves by becoming a nuisance to other gamers; a practice known as griefing.

So there’s little surprise that from the moment that the next Fallout was announced, people have been more than a little concerned. However, Bethesda has listened to those worries and have already developed a solution. In what is being described as a bounty system, any players who make a habit of slaying other innocent vault dwellers will find a price put upon their head. This bounty will be visible for the whole world to see and can be claimed by whoever gives the hunted a taste of their own medicine.

The bounty will be paid out in caps, the in-game currency, and is being heralded as enough of a solution to prevent it all from descending into an apocalyptic Battle Royale. Unfortunately we aren’t as confident as Bethesda; people will be people, after all.

Do you think this is enough of a deterrent? Or are you expecting the Wasteland to be over run by griefers still? 

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