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Fallout Shelter Has Made $100 Million

If you watched Bethesda’s E3 conference and wondered why they were plugging so many mobile games, I finally have an answer for you, and it’s exactly what you think. They make a truckload of money. It’s really more of a convoy of trucks carrying money. is reporting that Fallout Shelter has made $100 million in revenue since it’s launch in 2015. That amount is coming from all platforms, including the PS4, and it is estimated to be making $68,000 a day. The US has spent about 60% of that total with the UK paying about 9%, Germany 5%, Canada 4%, and Australia at 3.5%.

This amount is likely to grow in the future. A version of the game is headed to China, and another version announced at E3 is headed to your Tesla. You really will be able to play Fallout Shelter on the go, if you are not able to play on your PS4.

With these kinds of profits and ease of portability, it’s hard to imagine we won’t see more of these games at E3 conferences from companies that have traditionally focused on consoles.

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