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Fans Ask Codemasters For More Formula 1 Retirements

F1 2019

The 2019 Formula 1 grid is home to three 2018 Formula 2 drivers, which is something that Codesmasters incorporated and built upon into their latest game. But fans are hoping to see a few more rookies making the transition, something the studio said could be a possibility in the future.

It hardly comes as a surprise; the feeder Formula is home to a number of future greats, including Mick Schumacher. But thus far the game only accommodates the gamer’s driver and two rivals making the leap up the order. The remainder involves mere team transfers between known names.

What fans would like to see are the Formula 1 drivers retiring – at some point in their illustrious careers – and making room for an F2 name to come up the ranks. It would certainly make things more realistic, especially after this year’s influx. And according to reports on Reddit, it’s something we might actually see happening in the future.

But for now, we’ll have to make do with the same old, same old. At least until the free 2019 F2 update drops, that is.

Are you up to the pace in Formula 1 2019 yet? Or are you thankful for the chequered flag? Pit when you’re ready into the comments box for much needed new tyres. 

Source : Reddit

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