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Fantasy Strike Looking to Make Fighting Games Simpler & More Accessible

David Sirlin, of Sirlin Games, has a history in fighting games. Both creating and participating in them. So he knows how difficult it can be for those that are busy, or whoever doesn’t like memorizing fifteen hit combos, to get back into fighting games. That’s exactly what he’s trying to rectify with his newly announced title, Fantasy Strike. The goal is to strip overly excess complexity out and build mechanics through¬†simple controls and easy execution.


One such example is all moves will only require one button inputs. There will also be an emphasis on throws and grapples. They will be powerful, not weak, in order to make sure the experience won’t be too defensive. In order to avoid such an attack you literally take your fingers off all the buttons (a “yomi counter”). Your character will automatically reverse it and you’ll throw your opponent instead. Be careful though as strikes or combos can still effect you.

There’s no projected release frame yet but eager fans can get their hands on it at this year’s PlayStation Experience on December 3rd & 4th. Let us know if this different fighting game appeals to you or if you like those ten to twenty hit combos.

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