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Far Cry 3 Classic Edition Releases on PS4 May 29th for Far Cry 5 Season Pass Holders, June For Standalone Release

Ubisoft has announced today that Far Cry 3 Classic Edition will release on PS4 this May 29th for Far Cry 5 Season Pass holders, while everyone else will be able to buy the re-release on June 26th.

The publisher originally announced Far Cry 3 Classic Edition as part of the Season Pass trailer. For those who bought Far Cry 5’s Gold Edition or the Season Pass, Far Cry 5 will be available for free on May 29th. If you didn’t buy the Gold Edition or Season Pass, or Far Cry 5 at all for that matter, you’ll be able to pick up your copy on June 26th.

At the time of writing, Ubisoft hasn’t mentioned whether the game will be digital-only or if it will be available on disc. What we do know is that Far Cry 3 Classic Edition will only include the campaign and not the game’s multiplayer suite. It’s a shame, but we can kind of see the point; Ubisoft is betting big on Far Cry 5’s Arcade mode to keep the game alive for a long time post-launch, so it’d make no sense to be sending players back to Far Cry 3’s multiplayer offerings. We’d argue that’s a good thing, too, as Far Cry Arcade is shaping up to be pretty bloody awesome.

Will you be returning to Rook Island to face off with Vaas once more, or are you too enthralled by the pure chaos that is Far Cry 5? Wingsuit down to the comments and let us know.

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