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Far Cry 5 Joins The Masses With New Game+ Mode and Infamous Difficulty

It’s rather the norm for us now to post about a game being updated to include a New Game+ mode post launch. And, luckily for you, today is not an exception. Far Cry 5 has been enjoying a raft of DLCs in the recent past, but today’s patch is all about the replay value.

The Ubisoft stalwart has become the latest in a long line of games to enjoy the re-run option that aims to lure players to a second bite of the cherry. Just in case one journey through Hope County left you a little wanting, that is.

Logistically, this means that on starting your second adventure you’ll carry forward all of the money, skills and weapons you’ve accumulated in the first. But you’re not limited to just the second as New Game+ can be started as many times as you like. And you can even stack upgrade points to maximise your skills even more.

In addition, this latest update also includes an extra difficulty setting, which is named ‘Infamous’. As the most difficult level, this basically maxes out all the enemy to Terminator-like immunity, who boast increased health capacity and damage infliction. A nice touch for you veterans looking for a little more of a challenge.

Are you tempted to return to Hope County to give New Game+ and Infamous a chance? Or is that statement entirely hopeless? Give us a Far Cry in the comments box below. 

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