Far Cry 5 Has the Scariest Honey Badgers

Ubisoft is promising Far Cry 5 will be an unpredictable and exciting experience when gamers play it on March 27th. In a new trailer, two of the devs answer a few questions they are receiving from fans. First, they don’t have an exact number of characters in the final game. Someone may, but maybe they had a sick day when this trailer was being filmed. There are over 65 so far, and all of them have a job and desire to free their town from a murderous cult.

As is the norm for Far Cry, they also confirm the presence of vicious animals in the game. One dev believes the honey badgers are the scariest. He good-naturedly imitates the hissing noise to the amusement and mockery of the other dev. We think they won’t look so tough when they are killed to make our supply bag bigger or for warm slippers. It’s Far Cry. We have to use them for something, right?

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Finally, they talk co-op, and this may be where some people spend most of their time. Each character can be in a vehicle and cause destruction and mayhem in the world. Since the world reacts to what you do, this should lead to some interesting results and opportunities for coordinated attacks.

Far Cry 5 appears to be an enormous playground for gamers to explore, explode, shoot, or set on fire in any way you choose. The Montana setting is more unique for the franchise, but it seeks to offer gamers a living world with plenty of surprises that not even the developers intended.

After a small delay to March 27th, we will finally be able to see if Far Cry 5 has the scariest honey badgers ever put into gaming form.

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