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Far Cry 5 Season Pass and Arcade Brings Paid and Free Content

Far Cry 5 is coming this month, and we are looking forward to shooting and exploding our way through Montana. The base game should have plenty of things that fit that description, and there is even more to do after the credits roll.

For paid content, season pass holders will be able to play three different scenarios. Hours of Darkness will take thrust players into a fight in Vietnam. Lost on Mars will take you to space to prove that spiders outside our home planet are even more creepy. The mandatory zombie mode will be handled be Dead Living Zombies.

You will also receive Far Cry 3 Classic Edition as part of the season pass. If you buy the season pass, it is available to download right now, so you will be Far Crying even more as you wait for Far Cry 5 to take over your life.

The season pass is fine, but we think the free content is much more interesting. Far Cry Arcade will give everyone access to a map editor with assets from Far Cry games. It will also have content from Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag and Watch Dogs that you can mix or match to create new content to share with the community.

Ubisoft and select creators will also put content on there for you to play. This should lead to some very interesting modes that are only limited by your imagination. Oh, and what Sony or Ubisoft remove, so your risque levels will probably be destroyed with a digital bazooka.

Live Events are also making an appearance, and they will enable players to work together to achieve goals. These goals will reward players with new skins for weapons and outfits.

Far Cry 5 is releasing on March 27th, and it only seems to be adding more content to what will already be an enormous game. Check out the season pass and arcade trailers to see why you will be alienating friends and family later this month.

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