Far Cry 6: Who Is Antón Castillo?

Far Cry 6

With the release of Far Cry 6 fast approaching, I think it’s time we find out more about Antón Castillo, and what his motivations are.

I’m sure by now we’ve all seen the footage of Dictator Antón Castillo promoting his reign of terror across the people of Yara in the most violent way at E3 2021.

But what caused this man to appear so calm but act so violently? Well, grab a cup of tea as we’re about to dive into the president of Yara’s past.

Firstly, it’s useful to know that Antón grew up in power, this means he doesn’t understand the struggle his people have been through as they desperately attempt to flee his rule.

Although he apparently loves his people, he seems to have an incredible hatred of the revolutionists, and the reason behind this is quite simple. Over 50 years ago Antón’s father was in control of the country, however, it looks like he wasn’t doing a great job as the young Anton was forced to watch the Revolutionists execute him publically.

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By witnessing the death of his father and fearing that this would happen again, Antón’s world beliefs started to change as he justified ruling Yara with an iron fist.

50 years after this event, Antón finally gets back into the big seat of Yara through a stolen election, and he can finally control the country and run it the way he sees fit.

Unlike Far Cry 5 where we had Joseph Seed, better known as ‘The Father’ – though he bore no children – Yara’s President is actually a daddy, though maybe not a very good one. Antón is teaching and manipulating his teenage son Diego his twisted ways, so when he finally becomes president he will rule like his father.

From the trailers, we have seen glimpses of what this parenting looks like, as Antón tries to get his own son to commit murder in the name of Yara.

These lessons are not only harsh but insane as there seems to be so much more to discover about Antón Castillo once Far Cry 6 finally arrives on October 7th.


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