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Far Cry: Primal Is Getting A Survival Mode

Apparently an entire cave’s worth of Far Cry: Primal fans have been beating their drums loudly while chanting out a wish for a survival mode. Well, the developers back at Ubisoft have been listening to the chant and have spent the past few weeks putting together the highly requested mode. When will the new mode be available? (Can we get a drum roll please?) The survival mode update will be available on the 12th of April, 2016. That’s only a few weeks away.

What does survival mode bring to the table then? See below:

  • There will now be a permadeath option (it won’t be active in vision missions), but if that’s too harsh for you there’s also a second-chance option which will give you one backup life.
  • Survival and permadeath will be available on any difficulty.
  • Survival adds a stamina bar which will make Takkar slower and weaker as it runs out. He must sleep to replenish it.
  • The mini-map is turned off by default.
  • The fog of war will be strengthened on your map, which lessons the amount of the map exploring will reveal meaning you’ll really have to go to every part of it to uncover everything.
  • There’ll be less animals and people, which means hunting requires more patients.
  • Fast travel will require food and stamina.
  • You’ll no longer be able to cause so much havoc with the owl.
  • Crafting will take a few seconds to complete.
  • The cold will affect you meaning you’ll depend more on fire and cold-weather gear.
  • Hunter vision’s duration has been increased (one good thing then!).
  • The beasts you can control will be weaker and the more powerful ones (such as sabertooths and bears) will be harder to tame.
  • Your tameable beasts will also be susceptible to permadeath, although you’ll have a chance to save them.
  • There will also be a special reward for beating the game on the hardest difficulty with survivor and permadeath activated.

There you have it, as mentioned the update containing all of the above will be available on the 12th of April. We’re certainly looking forward to giving it a go here in Pure PlayStation, although we haven’t got high hopes for our survival chances… it’s pretty hard to concentrate when Chris won’t turn down The Killers and to top it off the sound catches the attention of every sabertoothed tiger in the business. Maybe you’ll fare better than us then, but we’ll definitely be giving it a go.

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