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Farpoint Update 1.08 Will Bring Free PvP Multiplayer in Versus Expansion Pack

Impulse Gear has announced today that its cracking PSVR shooter Farpoint will be getting a free expansion pack in the near future that includes the oft-requested player-versus-player game mode.

The studio made the announcement today via Facebook and Twitter, and revealed that players will soon be able to play against each other in addition to the already well-made co-op mode.

The Versus Expansion Pack will arrive in update 1.08 and will contain two new game modes, Deathmatch and Uplink. Deathmatch is a straight forward affair, while Uplink throws in capture points that players must hold and defend in order to earn points to win the game. It won’t just be a big empty map (there are three new maps coming for PvP) as regular enemies will be running around, too, and you’ll earn points for killing them.

Impulse Gear also announced that there will be a few new tweaks, features, and even new trophies with Farpoint’s 1.08 update. Take a look at what’s coming down below:

– Player XP progression system with unlockable skins
– Weapon XP progression system with 15 new weapons to unlock.
– Chaos difficulty Co-Op games are significantly more chaotic.
– Easily crouch while sitting using the crouch button toggle.
– New turning comfort settings (yes, they can all be disabled).
– New trophies.
– Various bug fixes and improvements.

We’ve got to hand it to Impulse Gear on this one – well bloody done. While we’ve yet to actually try out the new PvP mode, it’s great to see that the development team has continued to nurture its baby rather than release it and forget it exists. Bravo.

Will this new update get you to wield your PSVR Aim controller again, or is yours still gathering dust under the telly? Fire off against each other down in the comments section below.

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