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Fast Travel Games Experience PSVR Boom

There have been some questions regarding the viability of the PSVR for video game developers. But Fast Travel Games has today revealed that it can, in fact, prove more profitable than its PC equivalents.

According to the team behind Apex Construct, the PlayStation headset has secured 58% of the game’s sales, compared to 23% for Steam and 19% for Oculus. Remarkably, this means that the console virtual reality offering has actually trumped all other VR options combined.

The news was shared on Twitter by CEO¬†Oskar Burman, who was rather shocked by the visible growth in popularity. But as he went on to say, 2018 was deemed to have been a strong year for PSVR, meaning those who’ve already invested in the hardware are instantly reaping the rewards. So much so in fact that the end of the year proved to be Apex Construct’s best month at retail.

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“Playstation has taken an even bigger share since last time I shared numbers, which is what to expect considering indications of strong PSVR sales in 2018,” he said.

Hopefully news like this will kick-start a VRR – virtual reality revolution – and see a load more developers embracing the technology. The team at Pure PlayStation are certainly hoping this will be the case as they’re particularly smitten with their headsets.

Have you embraced the future, or do you have a hard enough time seeing the real reality? Stumble your way to the comments box below.

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