Faster PS5 Download Speeds Are Another Perk of Next-Gen

I’m a fan of the PlayStation 4 (obviously), but the download speeds have not been great. According to USGamer, that might be another thing that’s made better with the PS5. They tested download speeds in their PS5 review and found that speeds were greatly increased. Using a Verizon FIOS connection of 756 Mbps down and 939 Mbps up (wowzers that’s fast!), they tried several games with pleasing results. For a smaller game, they downloaded Disgaea 5. Coming in at 6.58 GB, it took the PS4 Pro 10 minutes and 42 seconds to complete. The PS5 was 1 minute and 58 seconds to download with another minute and 2 seconds to move to an external hard drive. (That internal space is precious, you know.)

Since your average game is going to be much more than 7 GB, they chose Fist of the North Star for a medium-sized game at 36.6 GB, and the results are what you expect. The PS4 Pro downloaded the game in 58 minutes and 34 seconds. The PS5 completed the same job in a speedy 7 minutes and 1 second. It’s a mind-blowing difference, and it’s a perk that’s going to be a welcome change for many.

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For reference, this was with a PS5 directly connected to the router. Your wireless speeds may vary, and my normal speed, even wired, isn’t anywhere near that good. However, it’s nice to know that this is possible with a combination of better networking hardware and a faster drive in the PS5. It should also make the lives of those transitioning to an all-digital gaming future a little easier once they can find a PS5.

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