Feature: Most Anticipated of 2019: Kyle’s “List”

My most anticipated video game piece of 2019 won’t be like the others you see here on Pure PlayStation or probably anywhere else for that matter. I do plan on mentioning titles I’m looking forward to, but it will just be that. Mentioning. Hell, why not just get that out of the way now shall we? So another great year for PlayStation fans is here and of course there are titles I can’t wait to play if they do in fact get released. The Last of Us 2, Ghost of Tsushima, Cyberpunk 2077 (I mean the Witcher 3 developers is enough of a selling point), The Division 2, hopefully Anthem won’t be a disappointment, Far Cry New Dawn, Rage 2, Death Stranding, Days Gone, and Wolfenstein: Young Blood. However, the vast majority of this short article will be dedicated to one game and one game alone. Anyone who knows me even the slightest bit already knows my obsession, but for those out of the loop…Kingdom Hearts 3.

Yes, this video game series has seen more platforms and devices than moments Chris Harding has been proud of his life choices, but it means so so so so so so much to me. I won’t get into too much detail like I did before on why that is, but I wouldn’t be who I am today without Kingdom Hearts. Naturally, I am incredibly excited to hopefully finish off Master Xehanort once and for all and complete the Xehanort saga. He has caused so much pain to millions of people and if you truly sit down and think about the death and destruction this character has brought about…well it would be right at home in a rated M game. Not to mention the suffering he has caused to a handful of fictional characters I have grown a real attachment to. Because yea, that’s a thing we humans do. Then there’s the whole Aqua being “Norted” and Ventus and Xion still being trapped in an indecipherable space in time. I will correct the wrongs that this series itself first started!

All of the trailers and pre-release footage also look amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing. Like I can’t think of a way to better present the hype that has been building for nearly fourteen years. Well, maybe I could have done with a little less Frozen. As long as Olaf keeps his inane stupidity to a minimum I think I will be fine. And don’t get me started on that short clip of friends and allies fainting or being whisked away only for Riku to step in at the last second to protect Sora from a large heartless attack. Honestly, the only concern I have at this point is where are the Final Fantasy characters at?! I truly hope the rumors I’ve been hearing aren’t true and that Leon and the gang will make a return. I mean they were pretty important all things considered in the story of Hollow Bastion and Radiant Garden. Their home in this universe was forever altered and changed thanks to Master Xehanort albeit indirectly since he was Terranort at that point. Did I mention the series can also be incredibly convoluted? Can we also talk about how great the, now confirmed, opening theme, Face My Fears, is? After hearing Don’t Think Twice I was actually concerned I would not enjoy a Kingdom Hearts opening theme for like the first time ever. It definitely tags itself as an end credits type of song anyway.

Lastly, for those that either read the piece tied to the hyperlink above or already glanced over it once before, the Kingdom Hearts series is apparently always going to be with me through trauma or other stressful times. I don’t quite feel like detailing these current problems to the general public yet, and it’s not nearly as bad as this life event could be, but Kingdom Hearts 3 releasing incredibly soon is going to provide a not terribly different level of comfort like all those years ago. So no one worry if work, sleep, and eating is ignored in order to pull off all nighter after all nighter. Especially more so if the site is lucky enough to receive a review copy from Square. So while the rest of the year has titles I will most assuredly purchase, the next few weeks are going to be nothing else except complete and total focus on Kingdom Hearts 3. January 29th will be one of the best days of my life.

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