Feature: Pure PlayStation’s Game of the Year 2017: The 20 Best PS4/PSVR Games

After multiple Game of the Year articles from Pure PlayStation’s staff, it’s time for the definitive Game of the Year list. It’s been a great year for games of all kinds. We’ve had Japanese games take on the western AAA’s and come out on top. We’ve had remasters breath new life into franchises that were long forgotten, and we’ve had a few stinkers in between the greatness.

The rules for Pure PlayStation‘s Game of the Year are simple.

  1. The game must have released between December 21st 2016 – December 21st 2017.
  2. The game must be a full release that is available to the public. If you can pay money for it, it’s eligible. Demos and betas are not considered for Game of the Year.

Two rules? If only the rest of life was so easy… We’ve been voting behind the scenes and this is what we’ve come up with:

#20 – WipEout Omega Collection – PS4

The studio behind the original WipEout games may be dead and buried, but at least its legacy lives on with a superb remastering of the three most recent releases. It doesn’t hurt that it’s getting a PSVR patch next year, too. (Review)

#19 – FIFA 18 – PS4

Only two of the Pure PlayStation staffers saw fit to vote on EA’s FIFA 18 – the British. Goes to show that American’s don’t know a proper ball game, right? Er, moving on…

#18 – Lawbreakers – PS4

Cliffy B’s big break on his own didn’t go down amazingly, that much we are all aware of. However, Lawbreakers is still a damn good game. Perhaps if Overwatch wasn’t the megaton that it is, Lawbreakers would have a bigger following. Give it a go if you can pick it up cheap. (Review)

#17 – Injustice Gods Among Us 2 – PS4

Superheroes and super villains bashing each others balls into next week. What’s not to like? (Review)

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#16 – Nier Automata – PS4

A diamond in the rough, this one, but a diamond is a diamond no less.

#15 – Destiny 2 – PS4

Bungie done fucked up recently but that didn’t stop Pure PlayStation’s writers voting in favour of Destiny 2 to see it land on our top 20 games of 2017. Some of us, however, will not touch this for as long as they live their righteous lives. (Review)

#14 – Arizona Sunshine – PS4/PSVR

DIE! DIE! DIE! This is what you’ll be shouting as the shuffling hordes of zombies inch closer in Arizona Sunshine. One of the better PSVR games of 2017, that’s for sure. Hit this one up with a pair of PS Move wand controllers and you’ll be in for a (bloody) good time. (Review)

#13 – Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus – PS4

DIE! DIE! DIE! This is what you’ll be shouting as Nazi bastards keep relentlessly pounding you with everything they’ve got. As much as we’d all like to go back in time and give the Nazis a piece of our minds, it’s not possible, so Wolfenstein II will have to make do. Jason loves it. (Review)

#12 – Prey – PS4

Prey was criminally overlooked this year, partially due to Bethesda’s daft rule about not letting reviews go live before the game releases. The publisher does seem to be a bit more receptive now, though, so we’re hoping that there’s still a chance for a follow-up.

#11 – Skyrim VR – PS4/PSVR

Yes, we’ve all played Skyrim to death by this point, but it’s worth a look on PSVR even if it’s only to walk around and do nothing. It’s a great accomplishment by Bethesda and it deserves every morsel of praise it gets. (Review)

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