Feature: Pure PlayStation’s Halloween Favourites – 2019

You may have already seen the Christmas decorations and festive food on sale at the supermarkets, but before Saint Nick comes bringing gifts we’ve still got Halloween to get through. That means kids roaming the streets dressed as all kinds of ghoulish creatures, Halloween parties with an endless amount of “scary” cats, and that one guy who dresses as Jimmy Saville for maximum cringe/comedy.

It’s also a prime time to get some extra gaming hours in. Some might have a long weekend, others might be ditching a party they’ve been invited to. I’m doing both, and this is what the Pure PlayStation Team is doing this Halloween.

Chris Harding

I’m turning the lights off, closing the curtains, and disconnecting the doorbell. I don’t want to kids banging on my door asking for sweets. They’re mine, all mine! I’m joking of course, but the interruptions will be annoying when I’m in the middle of Red Dead Undead Nightmare, which is something that tends to get played around this time every year.

Rockstar Games’ brilliant single-player expansion remains unparalleled, and it’s with a touch of dismay that I can’t believe we aren’t getting a follow-up with Red Dead Redemption 2. Like, c’mon! It’s zombies and cowboys – there’s nothing more pure in this rotten world!

Another freaky favourite of mine is Left 4 Dead/Left 4 Dead 2. Me and my buddy Sam spent far too many hours playing the crap out of these games as kids, and so I’m happy I can continue playing, and with improved graphics/resolution on Xbox One X. How we ever played these things on the Xbox 360 is a mystery for me, but they were fond memories that I regularly visit, and even more so during the Halloween period.

It’s a shame a proper threequel hasn’t been made yet. The first two games were brilliant co-op zombie shooters, and if you can get your hands on them now, they still hold up to modern scrutiny – more so than my undies to the sound of a roaming Witch.

Jason Frye

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