Feature: Pure PlayStation’s Predictions for 2017

A new year means new stuff. Well, that’s the basics anyway. We all know that this year, like the last, will be full of surprises. Games will be announced out of nowhere. Publishers will make decisions that make gamers angry. Developers will exaggerate about their games. It’s all the standard stuff these days.

Us lot here at Pure PlayStation have banged our heads together to come up with our own predictions for this year, as well as put our one wish on the table. Who knows, maybe this year our wishes could come true… (Please, The Killers, come round to Pure PlayStation HQ and live here forever. We’ll treat you nice. Perhaps too nice…)

Without further ado – and less creepily suggestive stuff from Chris – here’s what Pure PlayStation predicts for gaming in 2017. Once you’ve read and laughed at some of the outrageous predictions, feel free to share your own down in the comment section.

Chris Harding

Ubisoft Announces an Open World Splinter Cell

I reckon Ubisoft will finally pull Sam Fisher back from out of the shadows. The last game in the series, Blacklist, was a stellar effort that didn’t get the attention it deserved, so I think Ubisoft went back to the drawing board to put together a new game with more casual-friendly features. I’m not a fan of the open-worldification that’s going on in gaming lately, so I’d be a little wary if a new Splinter Cell was spoken of in the same breath as ‘open world’, yet I can’t help but think Ubisoft may take the series in that direction. I hope I’m wrong, I really do, but I think we’ll see an announcement for an open-world Splinter Cell. Worst thing of all? I’ll still frigging buy it. Day one, son. No questions. (Just get Ironside back, please…)

The First Whispers of PS5/Vita 2

Yep, I’m thinking into the future. Believe it or not, but I guarantee that Sony is, too. As I sit in my office with half a biscuit floating sadly in my cup of tea, I just know that some of Sony’s nerds are hunkered over motherboards, CPUs, GPUS, and all that other stuff that gets slapped together to make a games console. I reckon we’ll hear the first murmurs of the PS5 and the successor to the Vita. I know what you’re thinking, so bear with me. I don’t think we’ll actually get a true successor to the console Sony threw in the river, but I think we’ll have something similar. Perhaps a smartphone/tablet with more dedicated gaming features to take advantage of PS Now. I dunno, maybe it’s just wishful thinking, but I’m putting it as a part of this prediction anyway.

Knack 2 Will Be a Beast of a Game

Credibility, where you at, son? Yeah, I just lost what little I had with this prediction, but I’m playing the long game. I personally didn’t find Knack to be the steaming baby poo that most others did. I actually really liked it, so I’m sure the next game will be a massive improvement. With the game reaching meme-levels of ridicule, I’m certain that the development team is motivated to prove the nay-sayers wrong, and when they do, my credibility should be restored. With interest. And nice messages. And emails. And Twitter followers. C’mon, you know I’m going to be right.

Wishful Thinking: PSVR Improvements via More Expensive Plastic Stuff

It’s not likely to happen, but I’d bloody love it if Sony got its shit together and put forward a better solution for motion tracking. The current setup with the zombie PS Move wands I’ve got lying around is alright – sometimes it’s really good – but it could have been so much better. The long-dead PS Move needs to be put into its final resting place to make way for some more modern tech. I’m not a technician, nor am I a computer genius person that makes these sort of things work, but I do know that there are better ways. I’ve played the Vive and the Oculus and they both do hand tracking superbly.

Also, perhaps a second camera of sorts? Goodness knows it would help with tracking, though I suppose it’s all down to whether the PS4 can handle it. But I guess what I’d love the most to be improved with the current PSVR setup would be some attachments, because who doesn’t love cheap tat lying around the house? In all seriousness, I reckon that what the PS Move wands could do with is some extra weight, as I mentioned briefly in my review of Fruit Ninja for PSVR. It’s weird enough that your hands are being represented in VR, but the disconnect that comes from holding what looks like a big gun, a sword, or another object is, for me, just another level of strange.

Kyle Durant

Kingdom Hearts 3 Releases in 2017

I predict that Kingdom Hearts 3 will get a release date for late 2017. When it was first announced at E3 2013, I dry humped my wife (who was my girlfriend at the time) because I was so excited. Regular Pure PlayStation readers should know why by now. It’s been long overdue now when we consider the initial announcement almost four years ago, so we should get something soon, and that’s what I think will happen this year.

The PlayStation VR Price Drop Will Happen This Year

The PSVR has been quite the success and we’re fully supporting the product and those who play it, as you can probably tell by the amount of news/reviews for PSVR games we post. It’s still far from being the runaway success it could be, even though retailers are struggling to keep stock levels high, so I think we’re in for a price cut this year. A price drop of around $100-$150 should convince those who were on the fence, but I’d love to be wrong and see it reduced even further.

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Rocket League Will Get More Game Modes and Possibly a Sequel

Rocket League is the greatest thing since sliced bread. It’s fun, addictive, and easy to play for hours on end without realising it. Developer Psyonix Studios has also been great about updating its baby constantly. In the two years since its release, the game has seen a plethora of new game modes, vehicles, maps, and items. It would come as to no surprise if a handful of other game modes were to be revealed. Hell, maybe even a sequel or another game in the same vein as Rocket League.

Wishful Thinking: The Last of Us 2 Releases This Summer

My wish for 2017 is that the recently revealed The Last of Us 2 will release in the summer of this year like the first one did in 2013. I know this means it will be less than a year from announcement to release but goddammit I want that game more than wanting the world’s current problems to be fixed.

Jason Frye

Sony Will Improve PS Plus With PS Now

Sony will feel the pressure to show more value to PS Plus subscribers. They will provide limited game streaming from a rotating selection of titles, bring EA Access to the PS4, or early access to play first-party titles before the actual release date. I would love for the firm to surprise me, and I reckon this is how it’ll happen.

Final Fantasy VII Delayed to 2018

Final Fantasy VII will be pushed to 2018. I am probably wrong, but this is a Final Fantasy game. Traditionally, delays are required and expected. We will see Kingdom Hearts 3.

Sony Will F**k Up PSVR Like PS Vita

The PSVR will remain Sony’s awkward middle child, between the star athlete PS4 and its neglected, red-headed stepchild, locked in a Harry Potter-esque closet under the stairs, PS Vita. Sony will continue to not understand how to market it, depend primarily on third-party developers to make games, and they will not be able to provide the unique experience that justifies the cost to the average consumer. My fingers are crossed for 2018.

Wishful Thinking: Half-Life 3 and Portal 3 on PS4

My wish for 2017 is to finally see Half-Life 3 and Portal 3 on the PS4. It does not have to be exclusive, but we have waited long enough. Either game will be crushed under the colossal weight of unrealistic expectations, but at least we can all go on with our lives, or it could be the most amazing game any of us have ever played. Probably the first outcome, but I would love to finally see it and stop with the damn memes…

Dom O’Leary

Nioh Will Be Huge, Possibly a Game of the Year Contender

Nioh will be a runaway hit and will bring whispers that sound an awful lot like “Smame smof shme Smear” despite its relatively early February release. Stranger things have happened… [Ed: Like Dom having a wash… Haw-haw-haw. Sorry.]

Sony Will Brings its A-Game With PS Plus

I think that this year Sony will pull its socks up and improve on the PS Plus service and the free games it doles out to paying members. I’ve been fairly satisfied with the regular stable of decent indies but with the ever-growing PS4 catalogue the chances are better than ever for some big names. Maybe PSVR might even get some love?

Mass Effect: Andromeda Will Be the Mutts Nuts!

I’m not sure if this is a prediction or a wish but here goes: Mass Effect Andromeda will turn out awesome and set the bar for the sci-fi RPGs just as the original did. If it doesn’t, it’s gonna bomb and we’ll all weep for a week before moving on with our lives.

Wishful Thinking: From Software Still Got Soul

My wish is that Miyazaki tells us he had his fingers crossed all along and he’s already working on the next Souls game. Please, Miyazaka, please tell me your fingers were crossed.

Adam Gonzalez

Amy Henning’s Star Wars Game Will Get a Proper Reveal

I think that we’ll finally learn more about the upcoming Star Wars title Amy Henning is working on. It’s been a long time since anything outside of Battlefront has been spoken of, so it’s about time the beans got spilt by EA.

Games Made With PS4 Pro as Lead Platform

Hopefully with a slighty more powerful console, the PS4 Pro, publishers and developers will take a few more risks with their big AAA blockbusters. Develop for the better hardware first, then scale back for the base PS4. It’s gonna happen eventually, so sooner is better than later.

No God of War 4 or The Last of Us Part 2 Release, Just Teases

I don’t think any of us expect to see Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us Part 2 or Santa Monica’s God of War 4 this year, but I do think we’ll get the usual hype-fuel in the form of trailers and exclusive interviews with the so-called “auteurs” for each game.

Wishful Thinking: Shenmue HD Release on PS4

My wish is for SEGA to get its act together and put some men and women on getting a Shenmue HD compilation out before the third game releases. It’s not entirely implausable, though with SEGA you never really know.

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