Feature: 20 Games Every PSVR Owner Should Play | December 2017

PlayStation VR. It wasn’t supposed to work. It was a £400 headset that had no right to work as well as it does. I remember the pre-release negativity towards it. The online commentators (rightly) stating that the PS4 was a weak machine when compared to what’s required to run the high-end Vive and Oculus virtual reality headsets. Yet here we are, just over a year later, and I’m sat here trying to stick to my self-imposed limit of 20 PSVR games worth mentioning. In reality it’s much higher but if I went the full-hog we’d be here all bloody day. So instead, here’s the 20 best PSVR games that are available right now, as of December 20th, 2017. One in the morning. So excuse any silly mistakes…

In no particular order…


DOOM VFR, and I mention this first as it’s the most recent PSVR game I’ve played, is fantastic. It’s a great show for what can be done by developers when they actually put a bit of effort into what they’re doing. I’ve played many PSVR games that have been nothing short of dog shit, so it’s always a breath of fresh air when one comes along and knocks it out of the park. DOOM VFR isn’t perfect, mind you, but it gets the job done. You run around killing demons, just as you do in regular DOOM, but it’s all the more visceral in VR. Definitely worth a shot at the fairer than fair asking price of £20/$20.

Skyrim VR

Again, this is one of those games that I’ve played recently so it’s still fresh in my mind. Just like Bethesda’s other VR efforts, Skyrim VR is incredible. It’s actually all the more impressive once you take a step back and look at what’s actually going on. It’s a full-fat AAA game that has been converted to VR. A massive open world filled with all kinds of bastards that are just asking to have multiple arrows in the knees or swords to the crotch. Top stuff, then. It’s still a little pricey if you’ve previously played it elsewhere, but I’d say give it a look as and when the price meets your needs.


Badass motherfucker. That’s how SUPERHOT VR made me feel. Instead of being a straight conversion of the original SUPERHOT, the developers crafted an entirely new experience built around the strengths and limitations of virtual reality. The result is one of the best games – VR or not – of the year. Great stress reliever, too, so if you’re feeling the pressure of this modern-day way of life, my recommendation is two levels of SUPERHOT VR each evening. Up the dosage as required.

PlayStation VR Worlds

I actually scored this one pretty low, so why is it on the list? The London Heist, that’s why! That one game-within-a-game is worth the price of admission alone. Granted it’s a short experience that can be finished within an hour or so, but it’s such a well put together piece of entertainment that it would be wrong to not mention it. The other games in the PlayStation VR Worlds collection range from crap to okay, but I guess that’s just my opinion on the matter. I’ve put enough hours into The London Heist’s shooting gallery that I’ve easily had my money’s worth from that alone.

DriveClub VR

If you’re susceptible to motion sickness, bring a bucket. This is the game that famously had me on my knees gagging on my own vomit. And that was only after looking at the price! *Buh-dum-tsss*

No, really, DriveClub VR had me throwing up like a weak sailor. It’s a great game, though, and I couldn’t recommend it more if I tried, but you need to be made aware that going into corners is a proper mind-shagger. Other than that it’s brilliant. The graphics have obviously taken a hit, but it’s still got the core DriveClub gameplay and that’s all that matters. C’mon, we’re no graphics whores. We’re better than that.

Raw Data

Laser swords. Guns. Robots. ‘Nuff said.

Arizona Sunshine

Ever watch The Walking Dead and think “what the hell are these fools doing?! Shoot them in the head!!” If so, Arizona Sunshine is your chance to prove that you’re better than the biters and that you’ll keep on walking when they’re all dead. You’ve got a decent single player campaign. You can emulate the sweet Daryl/Rick bromance by going through the campaign in co-op. You’ve got a horde mode that can be played with friends. You’ve got the ability to shoot zombies in the head then teleport away, laughing like a maniac. What more should I be saying?!?

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