February 2021 PSN Deals: 462 Discounts; DIRT 5, Days Gone, PS5, PS4, PSVR Games & More (UK/EU)

Sales are nothing new, but great sales are something special. Make sure you’ve got your wallet topped up for this mid-month bonanza.

Yep, another Wednesday, another round of discounts on the UK/EU PlayStation Stores. This week’s sales are strong and there are plenty of big-name releases getting their prices chopped.

A few stand out entries include Codemasters’ fantastic DIRT 5, which is a must-play if you’re a racing fan, and even more so on PS5.

Days Gone, the open-world zombie game from Sony’s first-party line-up has also been given a sizeable discount. There’s even bonus saving if you’re a PS Plus member. I’m actually working on a feature for Days Gone on PS5, but I can tell now – just get the game. It’s good. End of discussion.

On the PSVR front, we’ve got Survios’ excellent The Walking Dead: Onslaught. Personally, I love the game and I don’t understand the hate it got from some so-called “fans” on release. Of course it wasn’t going to be the same as The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners. I will say this, though – it controls a hell of a lot better using the PS Move wands.

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Back to the topic of racing games – I did notice a rock-bottom price for OnRush. You can get the game for a few pennies over £3. It didn’t set the world alight when it released, sure, but for the price of a rubbish burger, you can’t go wrong. And that’s for the Deluxe Edition. The regular version? £2.15. I think I’ve actually talked myself into buying it. See you online, then?

Metro Exodus is another bargain to be looking out for, and if you’ve got a PS5, it’s a next-gen game waiting to happen. 4A Games’ horror-shooter is getting a free PS5 upgrade this year, so pick it up now at a bargain price and let it stew a few months longer for ray tracing, 4K, and all the other next-gen goodness.

The rest of the discounts are in the table below. You can use the search function to see if your wishlist games are there, and don’t forget that there’s an extra discount on some games for PS Plus members. Worth bearing that in mind if you’re planning on doing some digital-retail-therapy.

[table id=34 /]

Source: PS Prices

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