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February’s Full PS Plus Line Up Has Been Revealed – Helldivers, Grid Autosport and more

Earlier today Pure PlayStation reported on two games that would possibly be ending up in February’s PS Plus line up: Helldivers and Nom Nom Galaxy. Guess what? We were right, here’s the proof. Anyway more importantly the full February line up has now been revealed. It’ll be out on the 2nd of February and contains some pretty decent games.

First up is Helldivers and no matter which of Sony’s three platforms you own you’ll be able to download it because it’ll be available on PS4, PS3 and PS Vita (sorry PS1, PS2 and PSP users). However, if you’re a PS4 player who want’s a little more bang for your buck you’ll also be able to download Nom Nom Galaxy. What if you haven’t upgraded to PS4 yet? Well don’t worry Sony hasn’t forgotten about you plebs yet (joking) and you’ll be able to download both Grid Autosport and Persona 4 Arena Ultimax. Lastly the PS4’s little brother, the Vita, will be gaining access to Lemmings Touch and Nova 111.

There you go, another month another six games. Remember to add January’s six games to your library if you haven’t already because the cut off is February 1st.

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