February’s PS Plus Games Make You a Man and a God

There are three games included in next month’s PS Plus selections, and one of them is a well-reviewed PSVR game. First up, Bioshock: The Collection gives you all three of the games with all the DLC. You can go under the water where a man chooses, and a slave obeys twice. You can then ascend above the clouds to fight robotic versions of US founders all while taking a pop philosophy course. The original game is iconic, and they have all been remastered in 1080p. If you’ve never experienced these games, you are in for a real treat.

The Sims 4 brings the life management and people punisher simulation to the console. As an invisible deity, you can shape the lives of your residents to make them happier and be more fulfilling. From creating your own sims to building them a nice house, their world is in your hands. Mold them as you will. You can also purchase an avalanche of DLC to complement your game.

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Finally, after many free trials, the team-based Firewall Zero Hour will be joining the list of games included in PS Plus next month. This multiplayer shooter puts you in the role of attacker or defender, and it can be quite tense as you try to kill the other team. (You can also just soak up all the bullets for your team like I do.) The newest season named Operation Black Dawn starts on February 4th, and the new map Oil Rig will be available then as well. Let’s hope the servers have been beefed up to handle all the extra traffic.

It’s nice that PlayStation fans will have a PSVR game added to the PS Plus lineup. Will this become a regular occurrence as we head into the PS5 launch? Who knows for sure. Just remember to add these games to your library (or even play them) starting February 4th.

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