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Feed the Fatty Zombies in Dead Hungry on PS4/PSVR

There’s a new wave-shooter coming to PSVR from the talented folks at Q-Games: PixelJunk VR Dead Hungry. Don’t let our wave-shooter comment put you off, though, as it’s a zombie shooter with a twist: You don’t fire a single bullet.

No, you get rid of the incoming waves of munchers by cooking up some delicious snacks from your food truck. How bizarre?! The game has already released on VR solutions for the PC where it has received positive reviews from players and critics alike.

There’s no release date for the PS4/PSVR just yet, only a trailer announcing the game. We will keep an ear to the ground (does that even help?) and keep you updated as and when we know more. Be sure to check back in with Pure PlayStation for all your PS4 and PSVR news and reviews.

Oi, Q-Games, if you’re reading this please note that this writer wants more PixelJunk Monsters, please. Thank you. 

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