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Feed Your Need For Blood and Gameplay in Latest Vampyr Trailer

Have you been waiting to see how Vampyr plays? Good news! The newest Vampyr trailer is filled to the brim with gameplay. Not everyone’s thrilled about your new conversion from humanity to the undead. To be fair, eating the neighbors is bound to make you unpopular.

The trailer shows you fighting with groups of humans, as they call you names and try to make you feel guilty about killing what’s his or her name. Your otherworldly powers are on full display as you move quickly and perform powerful strikes. You can also become invisible and stealthily attack some mortals.

You are not the only supernatural being on the block. The trailer shows you and a werewolf fighting. We are sure it is over a girl who can’t decide who she loves more and just seems to enjoy being in a love triangle. Our advice? Bury the hatchet with the werewolf by splitting the girl for a meal. That’s how we would handle that situation. We can’t imagine it going any other way.

Our marveling at popular books and movies aside, check out the trailer to see the combat and gameplay in Vampyr, and get ready to never dine alone when it releases on June 5th.

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