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Feel Nostalgic as You Watch Alpha Footage of the System Shock Remake

Nightdive Studios is remaking the original PC classic, System Shock, and they are working members of the original System Shock team to make sure it keeps the unique spirit while modernizing for today’s players. In order to give a taste of what the final product will be, they have released some pre-alpha footage.

The video shows the ship interior as the evil AI, Shodan, gives a creepy speech about wanting to find you and make you a test subject. Based on some of the previous test subjects you meet, that is only a good idea if you like glowing eyes and the desire to kill. (Different strokes for different folks, we guess.)

We did notice that the transformed members of the crew did not fall after a couple hits. Here is a pro tip we learned in game logic 101: if the pipe you are using does not do the trick, get a bigger pipe. Or a gun. A gun works too.

Your choice of weapons aside, the game looks to be making progress, and we look forward to seeing what the final product will be. The game started as a Kickstarter project, and, with the move to the Unreal Engine, will be coming to consoles in 2018.

The original System Shock was released in 1994, and games have changed just a little since then. Despite our personal goal of wanting more movies and games to portray AI as bad to prevent Skynet from ever coming online, we hope the game can make that difficult transition from classic to contemporary.

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